What to Pack in Your Hand Luggage/Carry on (especially long haul flights!)



Hand sanitiser
Face wash
Face wipes
Lip balm
Toothpaste & toothbrush




Underwear/clean tshirt
Eye mask/ear plugs


Protein/granola bars
Water bottle

As well as: passport, tickets, money, destination currency, keys, phone+sim card if you have one for your destination country, etc! (the obvious stuff haha)


My Tips: 

* Pack liquids together so it’s not such a hassle when you go through security

* Keep cords & chargers together so they’re not flopping around at the bottom of your bag

* Bring as much stuff to keep you entertained as possible. I never know what I’ll be in the mood to do on the flight so I have magazines, books, puzzles, tv shows, homework, etc just in case!

*Check in as early as you possibly can to get the seat of your choice- I prefer the aisle so I can keep going to the toilet, stretch my legs, etc, and not bother whoever is next to me. If you don’t get your choice of seat, keep asking as you check in and later as you board the plane- one might have freed up!


What do you like to pack in your hand luggage on a long flight?  Do you have anything you’d add to my list?


4 thoughts on “What to Pack in Your Hand Luggage/Carry on (especially long haul flights!)

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