Current Foodie Favourites

So… am I the only one not appreciating how chilly it’s gotten in the space of about a week?! I swear, in one week I went from wearing shorts to re-discovering my winter coat. Not fun. The good news though is that my ticket to California is booked for next month- yes, I am finally seeing my bf after about 1/2 a year apart! It also means amazing vegan food for me, since you Americans are way better at that. Or at least Californians!

Anyway, without further ado.. Here are my current foodie favourites!

1. Chai spiced goodies

Chai spiced granola bars, cake, anything really! There’s something about colder temperatures that makes me crave anything spiced. I’m excited about playing around with pumpkin recipes in the US, since canned pumpkin is crazy expensive here and it’s so much easier to buy it canned than to roast it yourself!

2. Korean food

Oh man.. just talking about Korean food makes me HUNGRY! I recently discovered bibimbap, which is basically rice, salad/veggies and a spicy-sweet sauce all mixed together. I’m going to have to start making it myself because it seems pretty simple. I’m also loving kimchi, plus it’s so good for you, what with all that fermentation! Mmmmm…

3. Fruity cider

By fruity I mean not pear or apple! Strawberry + lime, mango + raspberry, passionfruit… Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider company that makes the most delicious fruity (alcoholic!) ciders. They all taste DELICIOUS!

4. Good bread

For some reason recently I’ve been loving fresh bread from an actual bakery. The seedier, the better! And I love a nice crunchy crust. Yum! Delicious with some mushrooms for breakfast, or with pesto and cherry tomatoes as a snack.

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil, my love. You’ve been out of my life for a couple of months but I didn’t forget about you and how great you make food taste!

6. Bubble tea

I’m spending so much money on bubble tea (boba) that I need to just make it myself. I’ve got the tapioca balls but got a bit lost after that. Help, anyone? I love me some mango green tea!

What have you guys been loving recently?


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